Sam Carter has been making films since he was a teenager. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003, Sam began working in independent film as everything from a 2nd Assistant Director to a Special FX Makeup Artist. In 2009, Sam directed his first short film, a horror movie for kids entitled, “Beast of Burden”. After the success of this project, which screened at several festivals both nationally and internationally, Sam teamed up with Beau Brown and Darrell Hazelrig and formed what is now The New Puppet Order. Sam has served as everything from a producer, writer, and director to a production designer, makeup artist, puppeteer, puppet builder and voice over actor in the NPO’s collected body of work. Recently, Sam fulfilled a lifelong dream of directing his first feature film, a dark comedy called “Good Grief Suicide Hotline”. Sam lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and their three dogs.